Town of Health and Beauty in Lviv Region.

   Truskavets health resort is an ecologically clean area with rich culture, history and traditions. The nature of the Carpathians endowed this town with mild climate, pure air, forests, mineral water springs and magnificent landscapes. When you get into this fairytale, all the troubles disappear and you just relax.

Ethnotrip to the village Synevyr in TransCarpathia.

Every place in Ukraine has its particular cultural, natural and architectural achievements. Each town and village has its own traditions, rituals and folklore that for ages reproduced from generation to generation, improved but never have been forgotten.

The tradition of celebrating New Year in the world.

   Cold winter night, exactly at midnight, when the clock strikes twelve, we will come New Year, and with it – congratulations, fireworks, celebration and, of course, thinking of desires. New Year – one of the most enigmatic of holidays, not only because it is concerned with the world of the good fairy and magic, but also because it is probably the only significant event, which celebrated for centuries by people in all countries and on all continents.

Competition of young designers "Nuance"

   Ukrainian fashion grows, extends and shall take more and more revolutions, attracting to themselves designers from abroad.
   December 16, 2010 in city Lviv, started the first international independent design project "Myroslava & Orysia Zubachyk Project". Organizers this the actual and perspective projects are Myroslava and Orysia Zubachyk - creative designers who have proved themselves as talented fashion designers in Ukraine and abroad and created this project to search and discovery the young designers in the world.

Lviv with coffee aroma.

Every city has its own legends.
No doubts, nice and comfortable coffee houses are one of the legends of glorious city of Lviv. Here you can have business lunch, meet your friends, spend nice time with your sweetheart, or even with yourself, with your thoughts and ideas and cup of black aroma coffee.

Carpathians are undiscovered treasure from where you can get a lot of life energy.

Stylish rest is renovation and rehabilitation of body system, regeneration of life power that we need for inspiration, motivation and masterpieces creation.
Mountains in summer time are good for different style of holidays: active rest, relax holidays or family holidays with children. Here you get variety of propositions: from elite style rest (all include) to vacation in small rooms in the village or even camping. There are many sanatoriums in Carpathians and you get a chance to improve your health with mineral waters and complexes of manipulation treatment and different health procedures from them.
Lviv region and especially city of Lviv are very popular among tourists from different countries. Lviv region is an architect treasury of Ukraine. Narrow city block-stone streets, ancient churches and cathedrals, small and nice cafes create unbelievable atmosphere of antique Lviv. Lviv region is also famous for Truskavets, Morshyn and Shidnytsya resorts.