Carpathians are undiscovered treasure from where you can get a lot of life energy.

Stylish rest is renovation and rehabilitation of body system, regeneration of life power that we need for inspiration, motivation and masterpieces creation.
Mountains in summer time are good for different style of holidays: active rest, relax holidays or family holidays with children. Here you get variety of propositions: from elite style rest (all include) to vacation in small rooms in the village or even camping. There are many sanatoriums in Carpathians and you get a chance to improve your health with mineral waters and complexes of manipulation treatment and different health procedures from them.
Lviv region and especially city of Lviv are very popular among tourists from different countries. Lviv region is an architect treasury of Ukraine. Narrow city block-stone streets, ancient churches and cathedrals, small and nice cafes create unbelievable atmosphere of antique Lviv. Lviv region is also famous for Truskavets, Morshyn and Shidnytsya resorts.

Places of Lviv region which worth to visit are: Dominican Church, Dormition Church, Latin Cathedral, Church of St. John the Baptist, The Church. St. Andriya, Church of Sts. Vladimir and Olga, Church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth, Armenian Church churches and cathedrals and Oleskyi, Pidgoretskyi, Svirzhskyi , Brodivskyi , Zhovkivskyi, Dobromylskyi, Zolochivskyi Сastles.

In Ivano-Frankivsk region every tourist can enjoy cultural and historical places of interest, hiking, horse riding, cycling, quad biking, and unforgettable trip by Carpathian tram and so on.
Interesting places of Ivano-Frankivsk region are: Probiy Waterfall, Silver Waterfalls, Guk Waterfall, Luzhkivskyi Waterfall, Rushirskyi Waterfall, Shepitskyi Waterfall, also Mineral Water Sources, wild animals enclosures, Dovbush Path and Dovbush Rocks, Observatory Ruines, Ethnic Museum in Kolomyia, souvenirs market, iron and wooden bridges, ancient wooden churches of XVI – XVII centuries, Dominican Monastery, Virgin Mary Church and also famous monastery in Goshiv and Maniavskyi Skyt.

Zakarpattia Region is famous for Salt Lakes and caves, thermal waters, mineral sources and for incredible beauty of Carpathian Mountains.
ourists should visit Mukachivskyi Castle of Palanok, Earl Yard Constractions Ansamble, Sviatomykolaivskyi Women Monastery, St. Martin Gothic Kaplitsa (st. place) , Zdvyzhenskyi Cathedral, unique Virgin Mary Church building made of wood, wine cellar, area of meteorite falling, Karst Caves, Runa Polonyna, Centre of Europe in Dilove vil., Solotvyno Lakes, Bezdonne Lake (volcanic origin), Vyshkivskyi Bridge and noncomparable valley of narcissuses.