• Two cozy cottages are situated in the foothills of mount Pogar. To the nearest ski lift 200 m.
    We offer for holidaymakers comfortable two and triple rooms, equipped with all necessary,
    dining room and kitchen. On territory there is an outdoor swimming pool, billiards, sauna and parking.
    Meals on request. Room rates from 100 UAH per person per day.
    Lviv region,
    Skole district,
    t. Slavsko, st. Oleny Stepanivny, 39a
    +38 (097) 474-38-04,
    +38 (03251) 4-22-52
  • We propose accommodation in a comfortable cottage for 17-20 places. At your service 2, 3, 4-bed rooms, living room,
    equiped kitchen, dining room and individual suites for 2 families. On territory is the parking for cars, gazebo and grill. 
    Organize excursions, trips to the mountains, transfer, babysitting. Meals by arrangement. Near the river and forest.
    Room rates from 75-100 UAH in winter, 50-60 UAH in summer, per person per day.
    Ivano-Frankivsk region,
    Yaremche district,
    v. Mykulychyn, str. Hrushevskogo, 59.
    +38 (03434) 3-94-20, 3-96-36
    +38 (097) 635-35-41
  • A residence is in a three-storey house on 7 numbers. Also at your service a dining, hall with fireplace, kitchen,
    sauna on firewood, parking and grill. Organize hiking in the mountains, child care, transportation services.
    Two meals a day - Ukrainian cuisine, homemade dishes. Room rates from 50 UAH per person per day.
    Transcarpathian region,
    Rakhiv district,
    v. Lazeshchyna, 343.
    +38 (097) 798-31-45,
    +38 (067) 596-59-49,
    +38 (097) 973-28-19
  • Invite on rest in courtyard guest “Dubok”. At your disposal 6 comfort and well furnished rooms, cafe, grill.
    Additionally offer - room service, parking, child care, transport services. Dining at a cafe.
    Organize trips to the mountains, excursions, horseback riding.
    Cost of residence from a 200 UAH per 2-bed room.
    Transcarpathian region,
    Rakhiv district,
    v. Kvasy, st. Centralna, 124.
    +38 (097) 401-34-76,
    +38 (096) 507-33-40
  • Welcome to the house for 14 persons located alongside with the forest and river. For rest offer double rooms,
    kitchen-dining room, living room with fireplace, bathrooms and a sauna. Garden, swing, gazebo, barbecue and
    parking are on the courtyard. And also child care, services of masseur, horseback riding, excursions, rafting,
    rent of ski and bicycle. Meals by arrangement. Accommodation price from 100 UAH from a person per day.
    Ivano-Frankivsk region,
    Verkhovyna district,
    v. Iltsi.
    +38 (067) 837-88-87,
    +38 (050) 310-01-99
    nebesichuk [at] ukr [dot] net (subject: AR%3A)
  • Invites you on unforgettable rest to Carpathians.
    Accommodation: cottage on 5 numbers and ancient hutsul house.
    All numbers are executed from a natural wood, furnitures wooden or wattled.
    Food: Hutsulskyi restaurant, ethnic dishes, organizing banquets up to 200 people.
    Entertainment: excursions, hiking to the mountains, horseback riding, rafting, national folklore program.
    On equipped territory is a playground, arbour, barbecue, parking, pond with a carp, fountain.
    Accommodation and complex breakfast from 90 UAH from a person per day.
    Ivano-Frankivsk region,
    Verkhovyna district.
    v. Verhniy Yaseniv, prysilok Pechysche.
    +38 (096) 224-69-38,
    +38 (098) 073-70-20
  • Invite on rest in comfortable wooden cottages, where in each there is a living room with fireplace, bedroom,
    equipped kitchen, bathroom, satellite TV. On territory there is a sauna, pool (12 feet), parking, grill, playground.
    Nearby is an ski lift, rent of ski equipment and bicycles, rafting, Jeeping, trips to the mountains, mountain valley,
    hiking in mountains, horseback riding, horse sleigh rides or in carriage, hunting,
    fishing and excursions. Nearby is the ski lift length 600 m.
    Cottages to rent fully. Accommodation price from 150 UAH per person per day.
    Ivano-Frankivsk region,
    Verkhovyna district,
    v. Iltsi, prysilok Zapitky.
    +38 (050) 437-02-97,
    +38 (067) 350-19-59,
    +38 (067) 802-05-88