Lviv with coffee aroma.

Every city has its own legends.
No doubts, nice and comfortable coffee houses are one of the legends of glorious city of Lviv. Here you can have business lunch, meet your friends, spend nice time with your sweetheart, or even with yourself, with your thoughts and ideas and cup of black aroma coffee.
“Viden’ska kaviarnia” is the best place in Lviv if you want to impress your partners and get a great project. They will appreciate your good taste, interior of coffee house, professional service and as result – you will have successful meeting.
“Italiyskyi dvoryk” is great for romantic couples. Different antique statues and columns, old fashioned furniture and good music make a unique atmosphere. This place is also good for photo sessions for brides. 
You cannot imagine your life without coffee? Are you a gourmet who addicted to coffee aroma? Welcome to “Svit Kavy”. Wild variety, coffee from all over the world, souvenirs for your friends and positive emotions are guaranteed! 
Coffee houses like “Veronika” and “Tsukernia” are loved by Lviv ladies for delicious cookies, cakes, pies and sweets. 
Do you prefer fresh coffee? “Zolotyi Dukat” is waiting for you! More than 40 kinds of coffee from everywhere! You just make a choice and fresh cup of coffee will be ready in a few seconds! Also you can watch all process of making coffee and taste fresh chocolate at the same time.
“Mapa” coffee house will really surprise you! You will discover coffee traditions from different parts of the world and join to theirs history in one evening!  
People used to call Lviv “coffee capital” of Ukraine. A city festival “Welcome for coffee to Lviv” took place in 2007. That was first fair like this in our country. Everybody loved it and it became a tradition. Now we have Coffee Festival every year in Lviv. 
If you visit our beautiful city once, you will always come back here! 
So….. Welcome for coffee to Lviv!