Distribution of magazine "Art Relax"

Journal «art Relax» is distributed free of charge.
Lviv: shopping centers, airport, railway station (vip - Hall), the city center and also government institutions, office centers, conferences, forums and exhibitions.
Kyiv, Odessa, Donetsk and Kharkiv railway station (vip - Hall), conferences and exhibitions.
Places of distribution the magazine are not chosen randomly, and so to «art Relax» fell into the hands of target consumers of your services and products. Such positioning allows the magazine to be an effective advertising materials and provide stable income to advertisers.
Reader audience of publication - is successful, providing personality that has an active life position and prefer to be in the center of cultural events. They have different interests, but one common goal - to find where to comfortably relax, enjoy fine cuisine and simply spend leisure time.
Advertising in the magazine «art Relax» is the optimal way of distribution information about your institution and creating a positive image that is guaranteed to bring a profit.