The tradition of celebrating New Year in the world.

   Cold winter night, exactly at midnight, when the clock strikes twelve, we will come New Year, and with it – congratulations, fireworks, celebration and, of course, thinking of desires. New Year – one of the most enigmatic of holidays, not only because it is concerned with the world of the good fairy and magic, but also because it is probably the only significant event, which celebrated for centuries by people in all countries and on all continents. However, at all times and in different nations were formed their own traditions celebrate the New Year. So travel along the world and will be interested in customs celebrations different nations.
   In the UK New Year’s Eve in houses should rule exemplary manner and all the debt accumulated for the year paid. With the midnight householder widely opens the door to the old year went and new came to the home. Then the doors and windows closed and from this moment wait for the first guest. The people first oversteps the threshold of the house depends on whether will be lucky its inhabitants next year. Another rule for guests – bring a cake for the hosts, whiskey and a small piece of coal that needs to be thrown into the fireplace and wish the family comfort fire burning forever. 
   In France, the holiday table can not imagine without roasted turkey and carrots with honey, which provides a home full of prosperity for the coming twelve months. One of the hallmarks of the holiday – Santon-Wooden or clay figures that place near trees. In the southern towns of France there is also the custom: owner-winemaker will have to embrace a barrel of wine to congratulate its on the holiday and have a drink for a future harvest.
   In Greece, after the clock strikes midnight, the hostess goes in there and break the wall of pomegranate fruit. If the seeds fly far away on the yard, it means, that in the new year the whole family will be happy and the fields will give a good harvest.
   In Tibet, the mistress before New Year bake many patties with a variety of fillings and then distribute them to all. Considered: the more have distributed – the richer have been.
   And the inhabitants of Romania to New Year bake cakes with a surprise: filling becomes shallow coin, porcelain figures, ring or red pepper. The girl, who gets a patty with a ring in the future can expect a happy marriage; who falls coin – to improve financial affairs.
   In Italy on New Year’s night customary loud scream. In a strange way the noisy Italians see off old year and welcome the new. Another interesting traditions: get rid of all unnecessary things, throwing them out of the window at a time when the clock struck twelve. So the Italians get rid of bad intentions and meet New Year with an open heart and sincere thoughts.
   In Cuba, on the eve of celebrations, all the dishes in the house filled with clean water, and when it is midnight, the water poured from the windows. In this way, inhabitants of the Liberty Island wish the following year clean and light way.
   Water is an indispensable feature of New Year celebrations in Burma and Thailand because it comes at a time the greatest heat. The inhabitants of Thailand meeting one another pours water, wanting in a peculiar way to happiness in the new year.
   In Spain in the New Year’s Eve residents go to the central squares out towns to eat vine grapes.  
   Chine in should make to eat twelve berries, each corresponding month of the following year.
   In Japan bronze bells of Buddhist temples reflect on New Year’s night 108 blows. Cipher 108 has been chosen not accidentally. The Japanese believe that each of these strikes turns out a cast of 108 human flaws that darken human’s life. Clearing so, the Japanese met their overall new year of birth (not customary in Japan to celebrate individual birthday).
   Resident of Scotland New Year’s Eve set fire to the tar in the barrel and bear it streets, symbolically burning old year.
   On New Years night in Korea customary conduct of the legs, because there is a popular belief: “If in the night on new year sleeps, eyebrows have become gray.” So, and walk to the morning.
   Sometimes traditions of New Year celebration are under influence of a climatic conditions, so, for example, people in Scandinavian countries love to spend New Year’s Eve on skating-rinks.
   However, despite the ethno-national and cultural differences in modern celebration New Year, there is in this holiday uniting people around the globe attributes, without which can do none New Year – is a Santa Clause, presents, festive tree and waiting for miracles.