Town of Health and Beauty in Lviv Region.

   Truskavets health resort is an ecologically clean area with rich culture, history and traditions. The nature of the Carpathians endowed this town with mild climate, pure air, forests, mineral water springs and magnificent landscapes. When you get into this fairytale, all the troubles disappear and you just relax.
   Mineral water of Truskavets was known for its medicinal properties long ago when oil was produced in the town and the water accompanying it was used as treatment. In 18th century the chemist from Zhovkva town carried out the analysis of the chemical composition of this water and in a few years the doctor Anton Mashek partially described the curative effect of the resort’s mineral waters. The researches showed that Truskavets mineral water has its healing properties due to the presence of organic compounds of oil origin and that is why it has such peculiar flavour and specific odour. By the way “Naftusya” (ukr. “nafta” – oil) owes its nice name to its flavour properties. Thanks to the chemical composition of mineral substances with which this water is enriched it can be compared to the homeopathic medicine created by nature itself.
   “Naftusya” treats kidney and urinary tract diseases, diseases of the digestive organs, metabolic and locomotor system diseases and also cardiovascular and nervous system diseases. “Naftusya” is administered usually at doses of 100-250 ml three times a day one hour before meals. The minimum period of treatment is 3-4 weeks, though the treatment can be conducted by stages till the absolute recovery. However there is one significant point – it is advisable to drink “Naftusya” in the Main Water Pump Room only, because the organic substances which give “Naftusya” medicinal qualities are quickly destroyed when exposed to the air while to the Pump Room it flows preserving its healing properties. It is worthy of note that the organic matter content in Truskavets mineral water is much higher than in the mineral waters of various European resorts and that is why it has no analogues in the whole world.
   There are three basic springs of “Naftusya” mineral water: “Mariya”, “Sophiya” and “Bronislava”. There is also a spring of low-mineralized water called “Yuzya”. Its natural glycerin content rejuvenates the skin and makes it extraordinarily smooth and elastic, however it can be used Rx only.
   There are other mineral waters in Truskavets intended for the external use in the form of baths, showers, hydromassage and inhalations. Baths with mineral water are especially effective as supplementary treatment of cardiovascular system diseases, diabetes and metabolic diseases. The pool with mineral water and mineral sauna are visited by those who want to restore muscle and joint function. Mineral shower and pearl baths promote effective treatment of arthritis, osteochondrosis and myositis.
   The ozocerite therapy is also effectively used in Truskavets. It is a naturally-occurring odoriferous mineral wax consisting of high-molecular paraffins and ceresins with fluid oils additives having high thermal capacity. The use of ozocerite has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The doctors-balneologists recommend using the ozocerite application in order to heighten a therapeutic effect of “Naftusya”.
   Truskavets offers a wide range of sanatoriums for rest and treatment fitting everyone’s taste and budget. The price depends on the service level since in every sanatorium there is modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment installed. In order to heighten the effectiveness of the balneotherapeutics different types of physiotherapeutic procedures, exercise therapy and massage are widely used. The experienced specialists conduct body diagnostics, choose the complex of the procedures which help to improve health individually for everyone. A lot of people feel better just after the first Truskavets waters treatment and many people forget about their diseases for good.
   Apart from sanatoriums there are a lot of recreation centers, modern hotels and private villas where every guest is sure to be welcomed, to have good level of service and great rest. The three museums function in the town, namely History Museum of Truskavets, Mykhaylo Bilas Museum and Diocesan Museum. You can spend your leisure time in numerous restaurants, coffee-shops, modern cinemas, night clubs and for the recreationists there are gyms and tennis courts at their disposal. If you take a fancy to travel, you can choose one of the excursion tours in the West Ukraine cities or the couch tours to Lviv, visiting the National Nature Park “Skoliv Beskydy” or climbing Trostyan mountain using the chair lift. The excursion in Pochayiv Lavra where you can see the miracle-working icon of Mother of God will leave you with unforgettable impressions. The lovers of romance will be offered the excursion to the ancient castles.
   In fact there are a lot of places in Ukraine where everyone can get energy boost and resume good spirits. Truskavets health resorts are open all the year round for everyone who needs some quietude, health improvement and simply healthy and comfortable rest.
   Having visited the resort town of Truskavets one can be sure that the balneotherapy and good level of service can be received in our country. Today rest in Truskavets is quite prestigious and it is here that many people with their families prefer to revitalize. Truskavets welcomes everyone!