Competition of young designers "Nuance"

   Ukrainian fashion grows, extends and shall take more and more revolutions, attracting to themselves designers from abroad.
   December 16, 2010 in city Lviv, started the first international independent design project "Myroslava & Orysia Zubachyk Project". Organizers this the actual and perspective projects are Myroslava and Orysia Zubachyk - creative designers who have proved themselves as talented fashion designers in Ukraine and abroad and created this project to search and discovery the young designers in the world.

   Main component of this project is a competition "Nuance", which promotes movement ahead in the professional activities of domestic and foreign designers clothes and accessories in Ukraine and abroad. Members of the competent jury consisted from: publishing editor of journal "Atelier" Natalia Lukianets, chief editor of "Style Boom" Huda Emilia, chief editor of "Lviv Today" Victoria Larina, assistant professor of modeling LNAY Oksana Mironovich, designer and the organizer Fashion Week in Washington Ean Williams.
   Victory in the competition won Lviv designer Solomiya Svystun and obtained a reward the paid participation in a general show at Fashion Week in Washington in February 2011. The second and third place took also lviv citizen Yulia Svita with collection “Dream and Reality” and Olena Boychuk with collection “Clothes for winter rest”. Award Sympathy from the project organizers "Myroslava & Orysia Zubachyk" were got Natie Cat (Lviv) and Miss Miami (Kiev), them is waiting own presentation in Fashion Show Room (USA), together with a collection Myroslava & Orysia Zubachyk.
   Honorary guest of the evening was Ean Williams - organizer of fashion week in Washington, a designer who presented his collection in the Myroslava & Orysia Zubachyk Project. It was the first arrival of the respected designer in Ukraine. Worthy guest gave a high estimate to this project and was also happy to demonstrate their clothes to Ukrainian public.
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